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Why Fit In When You Were Born to Stand Out? #rockyourday

You are unique.

You are special.

This world becomes more beautiful and meaningful because of what you did.

By this I mean every little thing that you make can have huge impact on this world. And it’s only you who can change the world for better or worse.

Don’t get me wrong. You are special because of who you are. It doesn’t mean that you have to be the greatest man of all time or something. You were born to stand out and to do whatever it is that you love. The world is here for you to mold it, not to mold you or hold you back.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

This is our reminder for today.

When you are doing something that is different. Something that only you can do. Please keep going knowing that it is the right thing. As long as what you do brings you love and happiness, keep moving.

You’ll get there one day soon. Don’t get distracted or frustrated when things get worse or don’t happen the way you want it to be. Everything will fall into its place. And you just need time.

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