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Be Strong No Matter What Happens #rockyourday

You are invincible no matter what happens. That is for real. If you have any doubt about your ability, read this story to get inspired.

“Your son won’t make it as most children with this disease die before the age of 2.” Finally, the doctor started the conversation. He tried to add something but couldn’t.

Pat began to cry. That’s the worst situation she could imagine. No, she vaguely realized that there was something wrong with her 1-year-old baby when he failed to crawl on the floor. Everyone told her that she was worried too much over nothing. She even tried to convince herself that there was nothing. But, at last, she decided to take him to the doctor to make sure he was fine.

“This disease is called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It’ll make him weaker when he gets older. And he will lose his ability to move or breathe and eventually, he’ll get an infection that causes severe pneumonia which…”

“You mean my son is going to die?”

“I’m so sorry.” The doctor said.

“No, he’s gonna live!”

“You should understand that at this age he won’t be able to get through with pneumonia. He simply can’t fight it.”

“Then I’ll do it for him.” Pat insisted.

And she made it. From that day on, she got in the fight with the Death who was trying to take her son away from her every second.

Now her son is one of the most famous millionaire bloggers on the Internet. If you’re trying to drive tons of traffic to your website or blog, you may know him, Jon Morrow, the CEO of Boost Blog Traffic – Smart Blogger. At the moment, he loses the ability to move almost everything except his face. However, he’s still able to build a million dollar online business with his writing talent and extraordinary strength.

You can read more about his story at this blog post.

So the next time when you feel that the world is against you, think about Jon and his mother. What did they do to fight back? Feel that strength and keep moving on.

Be Strong No Matter What Happens.

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