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Stop Yelling, Complaining, Making Excuses. Nobody Cares. Period #rockyourday

Remember when I first got started with Stylish Me brand, I felt overwhelmed sometimes. You know, there’re a lot of work to do to get your name out there and gain initial traction. As an entrepreneur, you have to wear many hats especially when you’re in startup stage. We all go through this time. And it’s natural for us to sometimes yelling, complaining or making excuses about what we can’t do or hesitate to do.

We are humans and we all are bound to make mistakes. You know, the road to success is not paved with roses but with your own blood and sweat. When you are about to knock the door of heaven, you fall into the burning hell. The longer you stay there, the more frustrated you can become. And that’s when you make mistakes. Then you start to yell, complain or make excuses about what you can’t do because of certain things.

Stop, my friend.

It’s not that way. Because no matter how desperately you yell or complain, nobody is going to listen. And nobody really cares. We have to solve our problem. We have to make it done, in one way or the others. And that’s how we grow up and evolve.

Stop yelling, stop complaining, stop making excuses. Nobody cares. Period.

That’s today’s reminder for you if you want to hold responsibility for your action both in life and business.

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