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Allow Yourself to Bloom #rockyourday

This life is all about yourself. You know, it you don’t exist, nothing and no one exists. You are the only one who appreciates the beauty of Mother Nature. You are the only one who appreciates the kindness of your loved ones. If you don’t exist, who cares about all this kind of thing?

You are the one who can make that tough decision. You are the only one who can get over difficulties. You are that one hero who can save the world. Yes, it’s you.

So please allow yourself to bloom.

I know, it’s always easier said than done. But believe me, you are the one who makes this world real. Because when you close your eyes and go deep into your dream, this world is nothing. There will be no world, nothing. It’s you who perceives it and it’s you who can change it, for better or worse. You’re the one in charge.

Allow yourself to bloom and make this world a beautiful place for everyone involved.

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